Hanna Sillitoe

3 x Biotic Bundle


Restore your friendly gut bacteria with our Skin Clear Complex probiotic formula. This product supports a healthy gut microbiome, which is intrinsic to digestive balance, immunity and overall skin health. 

Our Multi Strain Biotic is suitable for adults and children with clear dosage instructions listed on the side of the bottle. 

DIRECTIONS: Take one tablespoon daily before food.

This bundle is for 3 x fullsize bottles containing 475ml / 16fl oz (three months supply in total)

3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle
3 x Biotic Bundle

Treat your skin. Differently.

Science reveals gut health is key 

When it comes to caring for our skin, gut health is key. Ever wondered why those prescription steroid creams don't cure your skin condition? They're masking the problem! Sure, they might offer some temporary relief. But stop using them and skin can flare back - sometimes worse than it was in the first place!

Our Multi Strain Biotic begins working from within, supporting the gut microbiome, which is intrinsic to treating skin. Scientists are continually promoting the benefits of probiotics for wellbeing, and our skin is no exception. Order now and begin your natural skin clear journey today!  

What our customers say

I started taking the Hanna Sillitoe Multi Strain Biotic once a day and now I feel like I'm a different person! The relief I now have is unbelievable.

Caitlin H.

Honestly found this product amazing, it’s really started to clear up my skin and I’m starting to feel more confident again. Would highly recommend.

Lyndsey S.

This works! I have rosacea. The redness has calmed down (always had a lot of colour). I’m on my second bottle and I can honestly say it works. 

Valerie F


About Hanna 

Hello, I'm Hanna. A best-selling author and Skin Healing Expert based in Cheshire, England. My debut book ‘Radiant' became an instant best-seller and has since sold over 50,000 copies worldwide.

For twenty years I battled with severe skin conditions including eczema, acne and psoriasis. As a result I developed my personal healing protocol through a program of dietary improvements, natural topicals and lifestyle change. I have been where you are and I have formulated this biotic specifically to help you regain glowing skin. 

Vegan Approved

Vegan Society approved. Our biotic is 100% Vegan and dairy free


No animals were harmed in the development of this product.

Gluten Free

Our biotic is certified Gluten Free. Here is our GF certification 

No Added Sugar

We do not add refined sugar or artificial sweeteners to our blend

Frequently asked questions

Our biotic tastes like sour, fizzy apple juice. We don't add sugar. If the flavour is too sour, simply dilute in water or apple juice.


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