"A little green juice changed my life"

As far-fetched and kooky as it sounds, that leafy, vegetable drink was the catalyst for a huge transformation in what I put into my body and onto my skin. 

Ever since I was a teenager, I struggled with spots. Acne was a huge issue for me whilst growing up, but that was nothing compared with what was to come. Age 15 I went to the Drs to discuss lots of tiny little dots that had appeared all over my tummy. After various misdiagnosis and incorrect treatments, I was eventually given the news that this was psoriasis. And that there is no cure. 

Psoriasis manifests itself as a scaly overproduction of cells on the surface of the skin. My body hurt, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I’d become tired of constantly being sick and tired. And above everything, I was fed up of the way I looked. I tried everything the doctor offered me. Steroid creams, emollients, creams that burned, coal tar solutions - nothing ever offered a permanent fix. Besides conventional medicines I experimented inconsistently with acupuncture, Chinese medicine and so called 'miracle cure' creams I found online. Nothing offered decent results.

Eventually four years ago I went back to my Dr. I was desperate. I'd had the worst flare ever. Psoriasis covered my body, eczema tightened my eyelids, my skin was painful and itchy and I hated it. This time my Dr suggested a medication called Methotrexate. This is a chemotherapy drug. Had my health and skin deteriorated to such an extent that I needed cancer meds to make me well again? I panicked at the side effects and decided there and then I had to do something about it. 

Over the years I’d become addicted to an unhealthy diet of carb filled, sugary junk. I used to crave those thick, gooey, deep pan micro pizzas and bags of jelly sweets. I was most definitely drinking to excess and using diet coke as my caffeine boost and hangover cure each morning. Nobody suggested I should consider stopping this unhealthy cycle of rubbish I was fuelling my body with. In fact, the very opposite! My doctor adamantly told me that changing my diet would have absolutely no impact on my skin.

I can not begin to describe the feeling of empowerment that comes with holding the key to healing yourself. To be able to connect so wholly with your body. To possess the knowledge to control an illness which for so long has dominated every aspect of your life. And to be able to do so using food and natural botanicals - it’s like I stumbled upon the best medicine ever! I want you to be excited about transitioning to a healthy new lifestyle. Plus you get to play with foods and flavours under a whole new set of rules & I’m thrilled to be able to share the results of that creative process with you.

I launched my blog way back in 2015. My blog eventually led to my first book Radiant being published in January 2017. Radiant fast became an Amazon best seller and has since been printed in three further languages. It's now on sale around the world. 

Last year saw us launch our first Radiant Retreats. The principle of our worldwide retreats is to take people out of their everyday environment and help them to change their diet, lifestyle and way of thinking. It's one of my absolute favourite things to do because I get to meet with you face to face and work on very specific goals and making tangible, life long changes. The retreat team we have built over the past year are the most wonderful group of people and I feel privileged each time I work with this massively inspiring bunch.

January 2018 saw us trial our plant powered meal box deliveries and we can't wait to do more of those this year. I was a guest speaker at lots of food festivals last year, I've had to reduce the travelling a little this year but I'll still be popping up at one or two and I'll be running my own summer skin workshop in June. 

September sees me launching my own Hanna Sillitoe Skincare range - based on my personal daily regime. I'm also adding to my online coaching calendar, providing you with all the support you need to help you on this journey. 

For those of you patiently waiting ... Book 2 is coming! Due for publication early 2020 I'm super excited to share more recipes, lifestyle tips and natural skin care combinations. 

I could not have achieved all of this without you and it makes me so proud that we as a community can come together and support each other. Please continue to engage and inspire through this website and social media. Your story too can absolutely make a difference and I am truly grateful to be a part of the journey.