A huge part of my mission in developing this skin care range has not only been to support our individual health, but also the combined health of the planet. Making the right choices when it came to both product and packaging was a massive part of the development process. 


My skin care formulas are 100% vegan and never, ever tested on animals. Recent studies have shown veganism to be the single biggest thing we can do as individuals to have the greatest impact on our planet. The livestock industry contributes more to our collective build-up of greenhouse gases than all the planes, trains and cars put together, so I believe in bypassing these industries we can have a really positive impact.


This was a really tricky part of the design process. Choosing the best bottles and jars for my skin care range, whilst simultaneously considering shelf life, price, usability, safety - it left so many factors to think about! 

Where possible we've used amber glass, which is 100% recyclable and protects products from direct sunlight. There are some instances where we would not consider glass safe to use - Shampoo and Conditioner in a shower cubicle for example. So in these scenarios we've opted for recyclable plastic. 

We define recyclable packaging as the types of materials that can be placed in household recycling. 


We use card tubes, boxes and paper straw as protective packaging in shipping. This is 100% cardboard and fully recyclable. Whilst we don't want to add unnecessary packaging for the sake of it, it's been really important to me to strike a balance between products arriving safely and in perfect condition first time every time and minimising excess. 

When it comes to trade and commercial processes, we work hard to minimise the amount of packaging used to secure deliveries and we always put stock on to reusable wooden pallets.


The Future

As awareness and the importance of recyclables continues to become a global priority, so scientists, packaging manufacturers and industry experts continue to develop new and innovative product ideas. In our ongoing mission to lower our carbon footprint, we will endeavour to constantly source the most sustainable materials as they become commercially available.