Dry Skin Treatments: What Sets Us Apart

With so many dry skin treatments to choose from, how can you tell which is the best for your skincare needs? I believe that seeking out natural treatments for dry skin is a better way to support your skin’s well-being, which is why I designed a plant-based Intensive Night Balm to soften and soothe dry areas. Read on to learn how our intensive balm compares to other treatments for dry skin and how it can help you gain a rejuvenated, moisturised complexion.

Understanding Common Treatments for Dry Skin

There are plenty of different remedies for dehydrated skin, and a common one involves applying a moisturiser to dry areas overnight. Doing this allows the moisturiser to penetrate deeper into the skin for a more extended period of time, and this can really benefit rough and dry areas. In fact, leaving a cream or balm on dehydrated patches during the night helps many wake up with softer, more moisturised skin.

Almond Oil with almonds

Many opt for coconut or almond oil treatments when trying to get rid of dry, flaky patches. These oils are well-known for their soothing abilities, and both contain crucial fatty acids that can nourish the skin and strengthen its outer barrier. Further, almond and coconut oil have a high vitamin E content, which is essential for maintaining moisture and supporting the skin as it heals. Also, some choose to apply aloe vera gel to dehydrated patches, as it’s excellent for calming and moisturising damaged and dry skin. Aloe vera’s gel-like texture and hydrating properties make it a go-to treatment for itchiness, burns and flakiness, as it can help the skin to repair and appear more plump and supple.

We bore much of this in mind when creating our Intensive Night Balm. So, we chose ingredients that could nourish, soften, and protect the skin while helping it to regain moisture. That’s why our intensely hydrating balm is a thick, emollient mixture of shea butter, camellia and almond oil designed specifically for overnight application. Made with naturally occurring plant extracts, the Intensive Night Balm hydrates and calms sensitive, dry or irritated skin. What’s more, it’s ideal for facial skin as well as hands, knees and anywhere else that needs extra moisture.

Benefits of Using an Intensive Night Balm for Dry Skin

Coconut Oil Texture

If you’re experiencing extreme dryness, using an intensive balm may be the best way to give your skin the moisture it needs. For instance, our night balm contains rich, moisturising natural ingredients that give the skin deeper nourishment and hydration than average creams and ointments. Also, night balms contain emollients and occlusive agents, which work together to create a thicker layer on top of the skin. This improves the skin’s protective function and promotes hydration, allowing it to replenish its moisture content.

Intensive night balms can also enhance your skin’s nutrient absorption since, during the night, the skin and body rest and repair. This means that applying a balm at night allows your skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients and nutrients more effectively. Plus, leaving the balm on dry areas overnight means it can deliver nourishment and hydration to your skin’s deeper layers.

In addition to this, intensive balms encourage rejuvenation and skin repair by fortifying the skin’s natural barrier. Since dry skin can be prone to flakiness, rough textures, and irritation, using a night balm can help you gain a smoother skin texture. Also, natural balms promote skin cell renewal and regeneration by giving you a topical boost of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. All of this can help you achieve a suppler complexion and improve skin elasticity.

Along with hydrating dryness, adding an intensive balm to your night-time skincare routine can be a great way to unwind while you care for your skin and prepare to sleep. For example, massaging the balm into your face and body can promote relaxation and better blood flow. Doing this at night can optimise skin cell function and even improve sleep quality, which helps your body and skin to repair more effectively.

Intensive Night Balm Versus Other Treatments

Even though there are many treatments for very dry skin, we’ve designed our Intensive Night Balm to stand out from the rest. For example, plenty of products for dry skin contain chemicals such as silicones and petroleum by-products like mineral oils, which lock in moisture and can smoothen out fine lines and cracks. However, petroleum by-products run the risk of contamination from impurities, and silicones can also clog pores and trap dirt in the skin.

Phthalates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances are all common ingredients in skin care products for dehydrated skin, but these can also cause problems. For instance, these chemicals have concerned many because of their potential for hormone disruption. In addition, artificial fragrances and phthalates can become a real issue for those with sensitive, irritated skin. As a result, products with these ingredients can end up worsening skin conditions rather than helping the skin recover.

By contrast, our Intensive Night Balm avoids all harmful chemicals and substances. We don’t believe in temporary skincare solutions or extortionate prices for natural products. That’s why we’ve made our balm with a unique blend of botanical ingredients that won’t harm the planet or your skin. What’s more, our skillful combination of healing, hydrating plant extracts truly improves dry skin without using chemical nasties. See for yourself how our Intensive Night Balm yields real results by reading its reviews on our site.

Our natural balm has a host of advantages, especially since it’s suitable for very sensitive skin. You can use it all over the body for deep overnight hydration, alleviating dryness resulting from the environment and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Additionally, it contains ginger extract and shea butter to help calm inflamed and itchy skin while moisturising dehydrated, flaky areas.

Unlike moisturisers, which have a more fluid, light texture, this balm has a denser, thicker consistency for more intense hydration. It has a more viscous texture that the skin can absorb overnight without leaving it feeling greasy or oily. Generally, moisturisers are a blend of water- based and oil-based products to help attract moisture and smoothen out the skin. For example, they often contain water-based humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerine, which absorb moisture and humidity from the air. However, balms are mostly oil-based and have higher levels of emollients like shea butter and coconut oil. These make them more moisturising-retaining and protective.

Moisturisers are typically less hydrating than balms and can be more beneficial for those with oily skin types. On the other hand, if your skin is scaly, flaky, dry, or cracked, an intense balm will give your skin a more potent concentration of moisture. For example, our Intensive Night Balm is ideal for all those extra dry areas that need more attention, like the hands, elbows, and lips. Plus, balms are often made for targeted areas of the skin and usually have formulas that help with specific conditions. It’s helpful to note that moisturisers tend to be for more general use rather than a targeted solution for dehydrated, dry skin.

I designed my selection of products with the belief that no one should have to compromise on quality for excellent skincare. That’s why the Intensive Night Balm’s natural, skin-loving ingredients and intensely moisturising properties make it the best balm for dry skin. It’s a safe, chemical-free solution for all types of dry skin that won’t trigger irritation or flare-ups. Instead, its calming blend of botanicals works to reduce itchiness and soothe inflammation, all the while delivering essential nutrients and moisture to the skin. Use our night balm regularly and wake up with more refreshed, soft, and hydrated skin.

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