FAQ: Intensive Night Balm

Our Intensive Night Balm is one of our best-selling solutions for dry skin, helping scores of customers worldwide get the smooth, hydrated skin they’ve been searching for. With its soothing combination of natural oils and plant extracts, our balm can give your skin the comfort and support it needs to heal and replenish its moisture. Still, if you’re unsure how our balm works or how to use it, this FAQ article will cover all the most important things you should know before buying it.

What is an Intensive Night Balm?

In the first place, an intensive night balm is a thick, moisturising mixture that you can apply to the skin overnight. Balms are more viscous and intense than your average cream or moisturiser and are usually formulated for specific conditions like dryness. For example, an intensive balm can be a targeted solution for rough, dry patches of skin or irritated and sore areas. So, balms like ours are designed to help your skin overnight with a powerful dose of hydration and nutrients so that you can wake up to softer, more revitalised skin.

What are the Benefits of Using our Intensive Night Balm?

Using our balm has so many benefits for the skin, from smoothening out its texture to restoring hydration and reducing inflammation. Those with dry skin can benefit from the creamy blend of shea butter and castor oil, which combine to soften flakes and scales, restore your skin’s glow, and support its outer barrier. Also, our balm contains camellia oil and ginger extract to help calm inflammation and soothe itchiness and discomfort while you sleep. What’s more, using our intensive balm regularly can contribute to healthier-looking skin overall, and you’ll see a real improvement in its texture, appearance, and hydration levels.

Coconut oil butter texture

Who should use our Intensive Night Balm?

This balm is ideal for skin types as it’s completely free from chemical nasties and harmful artificial substances. So, it’s a safe solution for those with sensitive and irritable skin, including those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema. Also, it’s a highly effective balm for dry skin, so it’s perfect if you need help with cracked, peeling, or flaky patches. Our night balm is also great for soothing redness and swollen, inflamed areas due to its calming natural ingredients.

How do I Use This Night Balm?

Using our balm is extremely simple; just massage it into clean skin before bed, paying greater attention to extremely dry or sore areas. For example, the lips, knees, and hands are typically dry regions that can use an extra dose of moisture while the skin is renewed and repaired overnight. Plus, you can also use this versatile balm during the day if you feel like your skin needs extra protection and support.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since our balm is made with entirely natural ingredients, it won’t cause side effects like irritation or flares. Instead, our intensive balm formula calms flare-ups by forming a barrier on the skin’s outer layer - making it our best product for extremely dry skin and irritation. Still, you can read about our balm’s ingredients online if you’re allergic to certain botanicals and want to check its contents. If you’re still unsure, you can perform a small patch test before using the balm on other parts of your skin.

Can This Intensive Night Balm Be Used with Other Skincare Products?

Yes, our Intensive Night Balm works wonderfully with many other products on our site! For instance, many have found that using our night balm alongside our multi-strain probiotic has helped them nourish their skin topically and internally. This leads to better overall skin health and radiant skin that’s hydrated from within. Also, using our natural, hydrating cleanser is a great way to prepare your skin before applying the balm at night. Our cleanser is a moisturising, gentle solution that’s also ideal for dry skin, so it works fantastically with the intensive balm.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

This really depends on the severity of your skin condition or dryness. For instance, some customers found their skin to be less dry overnight, whereas others saw results after months of usage. And though extremely dry and cracked areas may take longer to heal, our balm can provide near-instant relief for itchiness and comfort to aggravated, sore skin. Still, for the best results, I recommend using this product regularly and overnight, so it has a longer time to work with your skin.

Where Can I Buy Your Intensive Night Balm?

You can buy our balm straight from our website, along with our selection of natural skin care products, juice cleanses and skin health books.


Join our growing list of satisfied customers who use our highly effective balm to nourish themselves and reach their skin health goals!

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