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Does this story sound familiar to you? It's Christmas, all thoughts of eating well and summoning the motivation to exercise have vanished. There's the works Christmas party, that giant tub of chocolate being passed around the office and those irritatingly irresistible family size packs of party food that seem to be on offer in every supermarket. But that's okay, it's Christmas. And next year will be a fresh start. Next year you are going to be a health goddess, or god. 

January, and alright, you might have made the same resolutions last year, but this time it's different. This time you are stronger, this time you do not have quite so many social engagements in your diary at new year, and this time you most definitely, absolutely, with 100% certainty are not going to quit by week 3. 7lb in 7 days on a super juice diet - here you come!

It's week 3. You quit. 

How do we get our missing mojo back?

I Am Making Changes Yet Seeing No Change 

I hear you. It's tough making life changes. And it really doesn't help when Karen in accounts is babbling in your ear about how she dropped six dress sizes already, your uncle Jim is raving about the health benefits he's experienced since watching The Game Changers on Netflix and going vegan. Meanwhile there you are, feeling no different and looking no different since December despite trying really, really hard. Ugh, what was the point? Let's forget all this. We might as well crack open the wine, order a Chinese and have a look online to see if Tesco still have those giant tubs of Celebrations on offer, right? Wrong! 

Waiting For the Pot to Boil 

Long term, sustainable, lifestyle change doesn't happen overnight, and neither do the results. That is not to say big changes aren't already happening, you might just not be aware of them yet. When we're desperate for something to alter, it can be like watching a pot, just waiting, waiting, waiting for the water to boil. When it comes to healing skin, there are lots of changes we often begin to feel rather than see, and they might not all be immediately be related to what we're looking for on the surface. 

Case in Point: Emma's Story 

A lovely lady called Emma got in touch with me this week, you might have seen me share her story on Instagram. Emma's husband loved his junk food, but suffers from severe psoriasis and associated joint pain. She knew it was going to be tough to get him to switch his dietary habits. With her support they made huge changes this year and whilst hubby is still waiting to see dramatic changes in his skin, he's felt so many incredible improvements already. Not only has he lost 2.5 stone, his joints have stopped aching, his skin has stopped itching and most incredible of all, his liver function test has come back clear. The changes are so dramatic, his doctor has approved him to be taken off methotrexate - the medication he once relied upon to manage his condition. Now, if that's not an amazing incentive to keep going - knowing the good it's doing your body - I don't know what is! 

Be Inspired. Be Motivated. Begin. 

My point is, whether you've taken part in dry January, committed to a 3 day juice cleanse to lose belly fat and improve your skin, started exercising or begun meditation classes this month and you're feeling a little dejected because your abs aren't popping, your mind isn't perfectly at peace or your skin is still flaring .. it's really okay. Please don't let the fact the you haven't transformed into a dewy skinned supermodel overnight put you off. And if you already lost your mojo weeks ago, or never really found it at the start of the year, this is your gentle reminder. We can do this - together. My Instagram & Facebook are awesome places to connect with people sharing similar journeys. 

Kickstart Your Changes

Sometimes making a really distinctive change to our diet can not only boost our internal health, but our mindset too. It's why I'm such a huge advocate of juicing. A juice cleanse is such a fantastic kickstarter to a skin healing programme. It gives the body a break from digestion, floods our cells with vitamins and nutrients and gives us a renewed gratitude for food. You can order one of my pre-boxed chilled cleanses for doorstep delivery right here or learn more about how to get started at home here

Sit Around Watching Netflix

Yes, I just told you that having a duvet day on the sofa is going to improve your health! How? We all need a little motivation and inspiration from time to time and there are so many awesome docu-films on Netflix that explain health and the importance of food in a really entertaining, informative way. The 2019 movie The Game Changers has been eye opening and indeed game changing for many. If you think transitioning to a vegan diet is going to leave you feeling weak an malnourished, this movie will most certainly change your mind. 

Do it Differently This Time

The old Tony Robbins quote 'If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten' could not be more apt! If you absolutely hate running and have, year on year, started January by forcing yourself to jog around the block each evening, of course you're going to dread it, despise it and quit at the earliest opportunity. Running is not a compulsory part of your skin healing journey, so find something you love to do instead. I've just bought a £30 boxing bag, because I really love the cardio workout it gives me. I can also use it at home, so no need to drag my tireass to the gym in the dark! I'm not suggesting you trawl eBay randomly buying bits of kit that are going to end up unused in the garage after a week or two, but if you know having something at home is going to motivate you to move ... invest in your health. 

Reward Yourself for Being Awesome

I'm not suggesting you spend your weekdays training for a marathon and your weekends reaping the rewards by slobbing out on the couch with an XL Dominos stuffed crust! But consciously rewarding ourselves creates circuitry in the brain that encourages us to do more of the stuff that gave us a reward. The reward needn't be unhealthy or centre around food. It might be something lovely from my skincare range, it might be a massage or a spa treatment, it might be treating yourself to a new yoga mat if you've been to every class for a month. Treat yourself to something you love. I'll be hosting another Skin Care Workshop at Swinton Estate in June. This wonderful day includes a 3-course lunch & use of their beautiful, relaxing spa. Email them here to ask for more information or to reserve your space. These workshops sell out super fast! 

Get Out of that Rut & Get Creative

Do you sometimes feel as though things are getting a little stale? I'm not talking about the loaf you abandoned in the bread bin when you gave up gluten, I'm talking about the same repetitive meals night after night because you're not feeling all that creative. Inspire yourself with a new recipe book or by trying a food you haven't eaten before. I've just started growing my own pink oyster mushrooms! We'll have to see how they turn out but I love that connection with making food fun! This can give us renewed enthusiasm and motivation and helps to make this a more long-term sustainable lifestyle change. My new book Skin Healing Expert is available for pre-order on Amazon (delivery mid-May) with over 100 new recipes. You'll also find inspiration via the blog page on my website, such as this plant-based recipe for fish & chips


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