How to Calm Psoriasis on the Legs This Summer

Summertime can be tough on your skin, especially if you have psoriasis. The warm weather can exacerbate the symptoms of this condition, leaving you feeling drier and itchier. But don't let psoriasis ruin your summer fun! There are plenty of ways to manage it and keep your skin healthy and happy all season. Here are a few reminders about psoriasis and some tips on how to calm your symptoms this summer.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes skin cells to grow and shed at an accelerated rate. This can lead to patches of thickened, scaly skin. Psoriasis can affect any body area, but the legs are a common problem spot. The driest areas of skin are often the knees, which tend to be exposed to the elements more frequently than other body parts.


The most common symptoms of psoriasis on the legs are dry, scaly skin patches. In addition, there might be excessive flakiness or cracking around the knees, which often causes more itchiness and discomfort. In some cases, the skin might also be red and inflamed, leading to irritation and swelling. Summer can be problematic - as we spend more time outdoors, the skin is exposed to irritants and allergens like dust and pollen. The heat can often lead to more sweating, causing clothes to rub or stick to the skin and triggering itchiness. If this sounds familiar, please don't despair. You can take some natural steps to help ease the effects of psoriasis on your legs and enjoy yourself more this summer.

Hot weather can lead to drier skin as the heat quickly evaporates moisture from our bodies. ISo, it's essential to maintain a routine of moisturising your legs as the temperatures rise. Our body cream is made with chia seed oil to intensely hydrate and soothe the skin while acting as a barrier to prevent further moisture loss. If you find your legs are particularly dry and flaky, you might need to exfoliate more frequently than usual. Gentle exfoliation can help to remove dead skin cells and improve rough psoriasis patches. We recommend using our gentle exfoliator to help keep skin smooth and soft. It's perfect for sensitive skin on the legs and contains natural exfoliants to gently slough away dead and dry skin.

Sweating can irritate psoriasis, so keeping your skin clean and hydrated during summer is important. Using natural creams after showering or bathing can help keep your skin hydrated for longer. Try our shower oil for an extra moisture hit- it’s luxurious and indulgent and will hydrate the body from top to toes great for summer usage. It washes away easily in water but leaves a protective barrier on the skin to lock in hydration. This gentle shower oil is designed to clean and moisturise sensitive skin all over the body in one simple step. It's made with natural ingredients that will calm and soothe inflamed areas around your legs.

We all enjoy a bit of sunshine, but too much exposure can aggravate psoriasis. While it's true that certain amounts of sunlight can help to improve psoriasis patches, it's important not to overdo it. Intense sunlight can cause the skin to become irritated and dehydrated. So, if you spend extended periods of time in the sun, be sure to take breaks in the shade and cover up with loose clothing. Avoid sunburn at all costs, as this can cause serious damage to the skin.

Summer is the perfect time to switch to natural, gentle skincare products that will be kinder on your skin to your body. Our natural skincare range contains many plant-based ingredients and soothing botanicals, which are ideal for dry, rough skin on the legs. In addition, many find that summer is a great time to improve their diet and eating foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties can help minimise psoriasis symptoms. Our probiotic supplement is designed to help reduce inflammation from the inside out, helping you maintain a healthy gut and clearer skin.

With these simple tips, you can help to calm the symptoms of psoriasis on your legs and enjoy the summer months ahead. Natural skincare products can make an enormous difference to irritated skin, so have a read of our reviews and learn how they have helped others with similar conditions.

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