Jack's Brilliant Bath Bombs

My godson Jack and I have been working on a new homeschooling project today .. bath bombs! I like to think of this as a combination of science and home economics :) Jack simply likes to think of it as an opportunity to legitimately get the kitchen as messy as possible!! 

I love a bath bomb. Mostly their fizzy, fragrant deliciousness. Jack loves them even more! Many of the shop bought bath bombs are filled with synthetic fragrance and other less-than-desirable chemical ingredients. These are a blend of 4 natural powders + coconut oil! Besides that you can add food powder to create fun colours and essential oils for divine scents. 

These are so lovely and much kinder to our skin. With pink Himalayan salts, coconut oil and baking soda to soothe and balance PH. 

Your kids will love this little project and you can pop these in a gift bag to post to distant school buddies. 


200g baking soda - big packet here

100g citric Acid - I got this one

100g cornflour (supermarket)

100g fine epsom / dead sea or pink salt - I got this one

15 ml water

10 ml coconut oil (melted)

20 drops essential oil (optional) I used bergamot 

6 drops sea buckthorn oil (optional) I got this one

Bath bomb moulds (I got these)


Mix the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl

Stir the water, coconut oil, essential oil and sea buckthorn oil together in a separate bowl

Carefully and slowly pour the wet mixture into the dry. As the two mixtures touch, there should be a slight fizzing reaction. Keep slowly pouring and carefully stirring everything together, the mixture should eventually represent damp sand

Now pick up one half of the bath bomb mould and scoop up the mixture to fill it. Press the mixture into the shell firmly. Repeat with the other half and then squeeze the two halves together. If any excess mixture gets pushed out, gently wipe it away

Hold the closed case in one hand and tap the top of the case a few times gently with a wooden spoon. Slowly lift it away. You should be left holding the bottom part of the case with a smooth, round bath bomb inside. Carefully tip it upside down into one hand, tap the other side of the case and remove it. You should have a complete bath bomb! 

If your mixture does not stick together at all, add a bit more water to the mixing bowl, stir & try again. If it sticks too well and won't come out of it's mould, add a little more cornflour to the bowl, empty the bath bomb out again, stir & try again

Now sit your bath bombs on a flat plate for 24 hours. They usually dry within 3 - 4 hours but it's best to leave them overnight so that they can really set firmly

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