Lemon King Oyster Scallop & Garden Pea Pasta

Is it Spring yet?! Probably not! The mornings are beginning to get lighter, there are moments where the temperature feels less baltic, the daffs are popping up & I'm convincing myself Spring is almost here! In reality, Storm Dennis is on its way. So we're in for more heavy rain & gale force winds.  

That said, I'm beginning to feel a bit done with hearty, heavy winter bowls & I'm craving lighter, brighter Springtime food! Perhaps it's just me willing the return of warmer weather. 

The key to this delicious vegan dish is the succulent King Oyster Mushrooms & tons of fresh lemon juice. It's fresh, bright & most certainly Spring like. 


1 tbsp Olive Oil

150g spaghetti (I use gluten free) 

150g cashews

3 heaped tbsp nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp vegan bouillon powder

king oyster mushrooms

3 shallots thinly chopped 

Juice of 1 lemon (or 2) 

Fresh basil leaves


Warm 1 tbsp Olive Oil in a heavy bottom pan

Chop the King Oyster mushrooms across the stem to create 'scallops'. Gently fry the chopped shallots & once softening  (5 mins) add the mushrooms. Keep stirring occasionally so that the shrooms brown all over

Meanwhile boil a pan of water & cook the pasta as per the packet

In a separate pan, boil another litre of water & add the peas to simmer 

 Pop the cashews into your nutribullet cup, cover with boiling water, add your nutritional yeast & vegan bouillon and soak for at least 15 minutes. Then blitz to combine into a cream

Add the cooked pasta to the shallots & mushrooms, pour in the cooked peas and pour over the cashew cream, stirring through. Then squeeze in heaps of lemon juice to taste

Serve with black pepper & fresh basil  

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