Simple Natural Bronzer

One of my favourite recipes, because not only is it simple & effective ... it smells better than any makeup brand I've ever used! It's also brilliantly adaptable for all seasons, which means as opposed to buying a whole new powder palette in winter, you can simply add some darker tones to your existing pot - achieving a brilliantly perfect skin tone colour match! 


2 tbsp cornflour

Ground Nutmeg

Ground Cinnamon

Ground Mixed Spice 

Ground Cloves

Beetroot Powder

How to Make it

Simply begin with your base (the cornflour) Add it to a ceramic dish & gradually begin to stir in spices to achieve your colour blend. I like paler tones in winter and deeper, darker shades in summer to match my skin tone. 

Beet Powder will give your palette a reddish blush whilst ground cloves are a deeper brown. It's all about personal preference.

The powder feels light on skin & smells just beautiful! 


*Always patch test! Skin can be sensitive to even the most natural ingredients & that includes spices. 


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