Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

After making a delicious Jackfruit 'tuna' Sandwich last week, somebody on my Insta mentioned smashed chickpeas!! On one of those days where there's not enough in the cupboards, that was exactly what I went for! 

This is a quick to make, delicious sandwich, packed with vegan protein. I'm loving Seedful bread right now as it adds a heap more nutritious ingredients to my lunch, without the bloating wheat of regular sarnies. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

INGREDIENTS (makes 4 open sandwiches)

Tin of chickpeas

Juice of half a lemon

Teaspoon of mustard

Tablespoon of  vegan mayo

Handful of parsley

Handful of mint

Salt and pepper to season

4 slices of toasted Seedful bread

Half a cucumber sliced thinly

Handful of rocket leaves

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Drain the tin of chickpeas and add them to a mixing bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice over them 

Use a potato masher to roughly mash the chickpeas. A food processor blends them into a hummus .. so unless you want them super smooth, the masher works well

Stir in the mustard and mayo. Add a handful of parsley and handful of mint and season with salt and pepper

Add the sliced cucumber and rocket leaves to a slice of toasted seedful and top with the chickpeas for a delicious, protein rich, vegan sandwich! 


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