Unlock the Secret to a Healthy Scalp - Discover the Benefits of our Scalp Oil

Having a healthy scalp doesn’t need to be complex, but many feel overwhelmed by their scalp conditions and the millions of products available. Having dealt with scalp irritation and inflammation for a long time, I created my own solution to revive my scalp and hair. So, if you’ve been seeking out a natural remedy for your scalp, read on to find out why our formula is the best scalp oil for healthier hair and skin.

Introducing Our Intensive Scalp Oil

I formulated my scalp oil with skin conditions in mind, making it a soothing natural solution for hair and scalp types. Made with a powerful blend of black seed, argan and grape oils, this scalp oil can restore moisture to dry areas and reduce flakiness around the scalp and hairline. What’s more, it’s free from chemical nasties and strong fragrances, making it a calming remedy for skin conditions such as scalp eczema and psoriasis.

Additionally, our intensive scalp oil contains a potent mix of natural botanicals that target dryness and inflammation, making it a non-greasy formula that nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. Through regular use, this scalp oil can help you combat flakiness and dryness and create the right environment for strong and vibrant hair.

Hanna Sillitoe Scalp Oil

Benefits of Using Our Scalp Oil

Our unique combination of coconut, grape and argan oil offers so many benefits to your hair and scalp. One of the main advantages of using our oil is that it’s suitable for sensitive scalps and won’t exacerbate redness, irritation or dryness. I understand the worry associated with generic hair products. That’s why our products are made especially for sensitive skin - without harsh chemicals and strong fragrances. Also, our blend of natural oils works in harmony to calm itchiness and ease any discomfort you feel around your scalp. It can help restore balance by replenishing the scalp’s moisture levels and infusing it with the nutrients it needs for hair growth.

We’ve used black seed and grape oils to nourish the scalp with fatty acids and essential antioxidants, which protect your scalp and encourage blood flow. This means your cells can receive the nourishment they need to renew and regenerate, supporting your follicles and roots. By strengthening the foundation of your hair, our intensive oil can contribute to healthier and more luscious hair in the long term. What’s more, our scalp oil won’t clog your hair follicles or strip any natural sebum from your scalp. 

How to Use Our Scalp Oil

To achieve the best results and get the most out of our scalp oil, I’ve created an easy guide on how to use it effectively:

Step 1: Begin by wetting your scalp and hair to help lock in the oil. Feel free to use a spray bottle or do this in the shower. Then, divide your hair so your scalp becomes visible.

Step 2: You can use our handy twist-and-apply nozzle to apply the oil directly to your scalp once it’s wet. Alternatively, you can pour the oil onto your hand and use your fingertips to distribute it evenly throughout your scalp.

Step 3: Start to massage the oil into your scalp, and try to focus on areas that are especially dry or irritated. Massage your entire scalp to ease tightness or tension and to make sure the oil is spread evenly.

Step 4: Take a microfibre towel, satin scarf or bonnet and carefully wrap your hair in it. If this feels uncomfortable, simply leave the oil on for an hour and then wash it out. However, for optimum results, I suggest leaving it overnight so it can be absorbed properly into the scalp. 

Step 5: Wash your hair as usual, making sure your scalp and hair are free from oil and residue. I recommend pairing our scalp oil with our natural shampoo and conditioner. These work wonderfully alongside our oil since they’re also made with gentle botanical extracts.

Close up woman applying conditioner to her hair

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Our customers are the reason we’re so confident in our scalp oil’s ability. Hundreds of happy customers have left reviews and testimonials expressing how our natural product has helped them on their scalp-healing journeys. 

Like many, Suzanne had always been wary of over-the-counter shampoos and believed they were worsening her scalp psoriasis. After years of searching for a solution that wouldn’t rid her scalp of its natural oils, she found or natural product selection. She explains, ‘This oil…has brought healing to areas of my scalp which were excessively dry and sore. I use it once or twice a week to naturally lubricate my scalp. You don’t need a lot to bring relief and healing.

Likewise, Daisy had struggled for years with an incredibly dry scalp, intense itchiness and ongoing dandruff. Yet, after using our scalp oil, her itchiness disappeared, and it ‘massively reduced’ her hair loss. Since experiencing these results, Daisy says, ‘Will absolutely order again and be recommending to friends!

Since using our oil regularly, Sarah writes, ‘My scalp itches far less, and my flaking skin was improved. But I also rate the shampoo and conditioner highly.’ After applying all our natural hair products, Sarah claims she’ll never go back to generic shampoos!

Similar to many, Christine was suffering from ongoing scalp issues. She explains, ‘I am experiencing itchy patches on my scalp which, when visible to other people, are horrible to see, like scabs. Nothing seemed to help until I found your oil.’ Christine also loved how the dispenser nozzle allows you to target the scalp and avoid sticky hands and fingers.

Alongside my own personal experience, our customers’ testimonials highlight the power of our natural scalp oil. I'm so pleased for Christine, Sarah, Suzanne, and Daisy! I'm equally overjoyed that our scalp oil has helped so many people heal their scalps and repair their hair.  I'd love you to try it out for yourself and see firsthand how our intensive oil can restore your scalp and enhance your hair’s natural beauty. 

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