Vegan Smoked Carrot and Scrambled Tofu

Many years ago BV (before vegan) my lazy weekend go-to breakfast would have been scrambled egg with smoked salmon. Topped with fresh chives and a little black pepper. 

This is my vegan alternatives! You can add sushi sheets to the carrot if you want for that authentic sea flavour, but I love them just as much without. Same goes for the 'egg'. There's a salt which has a sulphur taste to create an authentic egg flavour, but for me it doesn't need it. 


2 tsp olive oil

4 slices of Seedful bread

200g tofu cut into cubes (I use Tofoo firm smoked) 

4 carrots - cut into thin slices with a mandolin or spiraliser

1 tbsp vegan mayo

2 tsp wholegrain mustard

1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional)

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp tamari sauce

2 tsp maple syrup

5 drops hickory smoke (amazon)

Chives, parsley or spring onion to garnish

Salt and black pepper

Squeeze of lemon

1 tsp capers

Grill or toast 4 slices of Seedful brea

Warm 1 tsp oil in a pan, add the cubes of tofu and as they warm over a low heat, use the back of a fork to mash them. Add a little milk to soften them if needed

Add the mustard, nutritional yeast and turmeric to the pan and stir together well over a low heat for 2 - 3 minutes. The tofu won't need long to cook. Add the mayo right at the end to give it a creamy texture, then stir in some chopped chives, spring onion or parsley

Spoon the scramble onto the toast, rinse out the pan and place it back on the heat. Warm a tsp of olive oil, add the carrots and the tamari + maple syrup. They should sizzle nicely and soften

Scoop the carrots onto the scramble, serve seasoned with lemon juice, black pepper and fresh parsley + capers

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