A Comprehensive Guide: Intensive Night Balm

Dry skin is such a frequent issue, yet it can be difficult to find a natural remedy that provides intense nourishment without chemical nasties. This is one of the reasons I created my own Intensive Night Balm, formulated for all skin types with a blend of powerful plant extracts and healing botanicals to give dry skin the moisture it needs. Learn how the natural ingredients in this balm work together to soothe extreme dryness and give your skin a boost of hydration overnight.

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The Key Ingredients in Our Intensive Night Balm

We believe it’s essential to know how natural ingredients can benefit your body and work in harmony with your skin’s natural healing processes. So, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of some of the main components in our Intensive Night Balm and how they moisturise extra dry patches of skin.

Shea butter: this natural fat is derived from shea tree nuts and is incredibly well-known for its thick, creamy texture and highly moisturising abilities. To begin with, shea butter contains a high amount of fatty acids that replenish the skin’s lipid barrier, which encourages hydration and promotes moisture retention. These fatty acids, including stearic and linoleic acid, create a barrier on the skin that promotes a smoother, more supple appearance.

Shea butter’s moisture-sealing barrier shields your skin from external factors that can cause dryness while keeping it hydrated for longer. Additionally, shea butter balm is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, such as vitamins A and E, that combine to soothe inflammation and support healing.

Castor oil: this vegetable oil comes from castor oil plant seeds and is recognised for its thick consistency and deep penetration into the skin. This allows it to provide intense hydration to dry and flaky areas, as well as improve blood circulation. Massaging castor oil into drier patches can enhance cellular blood flow, promoting skin cell renewal and a radiant appearance. Plus, this oil is also famous for its antimicrobial properties, which fight against bacteria, infections and breakouts, balancing the skin’s microbiome and encouraging clearer skin.

Improved skin elasticity, skin conditioning and texture are just some of the benefits castor oil can offer. This is because it works to soften and condition dry and hard skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, cracks, and fine lines.

Sweet almond oil: this ingredient is an extremely versatile natural compound that many skincare products use to provide more hydration. It has high levels of vitamin E, a nutrient that’s essential for fortifying the skin’s barrier and repairing damaged skin cells. As a result, sweet almond oil contributes to a softer, smoother skin texture and improves its ability to stay moisturised. It also promotes hydration and healing from within by sinking deep into the skin and reducing dryness.

This gentle oil has soothing, calming properties that work well with sensitive and dry skin, as it relieves irritation, itching and inflammation. Further, sweet almond oil is non-greasy and ideal for daily use, providing a continual supply of moisture.

Almond essential oil in a small bottle

Camellia oil: this lightweight oil comes from the Camellia plant and contains many Omega 9s, such as Oleic acid. Despite its light texture, it penetrates the skin very easily and quickly gets absorbed without leaving a greasy layer on the skin. Its quick absorption means it can provide long-lasting moisturisation to dry patches and reach deeper layers of the skin. Also, camellia oil’s high antioxidant content shields the skin from oxidative stress and protects against the environment. This can help dry skin recover by replenishing its moisture levels and supporting general skin health.

Camellia oil is also non-comedogenic, which means it’s far less likely to cause breakouts by clogging pores or trapping dirt in the skin. This makes it perfect for various skin types, from dry to oily, as it provides moisture without causing congestion.

Ginger Extract: while ginger extract has plenty of anti-inflammatory components, it’s also a potent extract for soothing and hydrating the skin. This is due to the natural compounds it contains that have moisturising and antioxidant properties. As a result, ginger extract can improve the skin’s hydration levels and promote a more supple, plump appearance. Further, this extract also helps to calm irritation, rosacea, and acne, as well as support the outer layer of the skin to maintain moisture.

Like castor oil, ginger extract is another ingredient that can improve circulation, ensuring that skin cells receive enough oxygen. This leads to better skin health, improved moisture delivery to the skin and a hydrated complexion.

How our Intensive Night Balm for Dry Skin Works

The ingredients I mentioned above combine to create a powerful formula for dry, flaky and roughened skin. Since this intensive balm is created for overnight use, your skin benefits from these hydrating elements without environmental disruption so that you can enjoy hours of intense moisturisation. What’s more, this emollient mixture acts as a thick layer on top of the skin that keeps it hydrated during the night and protects it from allergens and dry air. With our plant-based Intensive Night Balm, you help your skin recover from dryness without worrying about irritants or chemicals worsening the condition.

In fact, we especially chose botanicals that can work in harmony to give your skin a stronger boost of elasticity, suppleness, and moisture. For example, our specially crafted mixture of ginger and bisabolol provides enhanced anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits by inhibiting inflammation-related enzymes. Additionally, ginger’s antioxidant properties can work alongside bisabolol’s skin-calming effects by encouraging cell repair and lessening irritation.

Also, our combination of castor and camellia oil works complement each other to hydrate extremely dry areas that struggle to retain moisture. This is because castor oil’s humectant nature attracts and traps moisture, while camellia oil’s barrier-forming, emollient properties protect and soften hardened, dry skin. All these specific blends of botanical extracts work in synergy to alleviate dryness and allow your skin to maintain and restore its moisture balance.

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Choosing the Right Intensive Night Balm

With all this in mind, how can you tell which kind of intensive balm is right for your skin? If you tend to have very dehydrated, rough or cracked skin on your face or body, an Intensive Night Balm like ours is ideal for nourishing these areas with a potent dose of overnight hydration. Plus, its calming ingredients make it a perfect body or face balm for those with sensitive skin, as it’s formulated to soothe irritation.

Alternatively, if you particularly suffer from dry facial skin, you may benefit from our Intensive Night Serum. This equally effective night serum promotes a younger-looking, hydrated complexion and is suitable for all skin types. We designed this non-greasy, soothing serum to support skin cell regeneration while supplying you with extra moisture, helping you restore your skin’s hydration levels while you sleep.

My skincare range is free from harsh chemical formulas, allowing your skin to recover with the added help of plant extracts and natural ingredients. That’s why products such as our Intensive Night Balm are designed to support all kinds of skin types, and we are always transparent with the ingredients we use. So, get in touch with us or visit our website to see how we can help you on your journey to healthier, hydrated skin.

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