Experience the Difference: Customers Who Transformed Their Scalp with Our Oil

In this article, I want to share our customers’ stories who transformed their scalps and hair with our remarkable oil. I personally suffered from scalp issues, so I made it my mission to create a natural scalp oil that provided real results. Now, I'm proud to have made a scalp solution that’s plant-based, gentle and truly healing. Read on to discover how our scalp oil has revolutionised our customers’ hair care and how our mixture of calming botanicals can help your scalp.

Hanna Sillitoe's Intensive Scalp Oil

Using natural ingredients is always a priority for me, especially as we create products with sensitivities and skin conditions in mind. So, after dealing with ongoing scalp inflammation, I chose a soothing selection of plant-based oils that would calm irritation and nourish hair. 

Hanna Sillitoe Scalp Oil

One crucial ingredient in our scalp oil is argan oil, also known as liquid gold. Alongside its rich, beautiful colour, this oil is invaluable for its moisturising properties. Argan oil helps the scalp retain hydration, leading to softer, less flaky skin. What’s more, it’s packed with vitamin E and fatty acids, helping to alleviate dryness and strengthen hair follicles. It also promotes a healthy balance of oils, reducing excess sebum production and preventing clogged hair follicles, resulting in a revitalised scalp.

Another key ingredient is black seed oil, which contains antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds. These properties encourage a healthier scalp microbiome, keeping microbial imbalances at bay while reducing inflammation. Plus, black seed oil is known for being healing and can soothe itchiness and irritated scalps. 

We also included grape seed oil in our formula, which rejuvenates the scalp with its rich linoleic acid and vitamin E content. It’s a lightweight oil that directly nourishes hair follicles, improving scalp health and promoting better hair growth. Also, grape seed oil acts as a natural conditioner, leaving your hair softer, shinier, and more manageable.

Lastly, our scalp oil wouldn’t be complete without the deeply soothing benefits of coconut oil. It has profoundly moisturising and conditioning abilities that target scalp dryness, itchiness and redness. This oil goes beyond the scalp and hair shaft, replenishing moisture levels, preventing breakage, and enhancing your overall scalp and hair environment. Also, coconut oil adds a healthy shine to your hair and reduces protein loss, resulting in stronger, more resilient strands.

Our scalp oil contains these and many other natural elements that work harmoniously to calm your scalp. Additionally, our skilful blend of botanicals is specifically formulated to restore moisture and nourishment, making it the best oil for scalp issues.

Customer Success Stories: Scalp Transformation Journeys

We have full faith in our scalp oil’s abilities, but we don’t just want you to take our word for it. So, let’s see how this oil has helped some of our customers completely transform their scalps. 

Mary had been suffering from seborrheic keratosis, a benign skin growth over her scalp. Seborrheic keratosis often causes scaly or waxy lesions, and in Mary’s case, it led to soreness, tightness, sharp pricking and irritation. After trying solutions such as baby oil, Mary came across our intensive scalp oil. On the very first use, it alleviated her scalp symptoms! She concluded, ‘After a couple of months of use - along with the shampoo and conditioner -my symptoms are 90% reduced. Thank you!

Scalp Psoriasis

Jonathan (pictured above) was also dealing with a scalp condition that was having a huge impact on his well-being. He’d been suffering from scalp psoriasis, a condition that involves itchiness, flaking, soreness and scaling.  After living with it for over 30 years, Jonathan still couldn’t find a product that worked until he discovered our scalp oil. He explains, ‘This product, combined with Hanna’s shampoo & conditioner, plus a new diet plan, has seen some amazing results! Thank you!!

Likewise, Alayna struggled with scalp psoriasis, causing redness and irritation that was difficult to manage. When she first discovered our product, she would use it every couple of days because her scalp irritation was so extreme. However, Alayna has been using our scalp oil for almost a year now, and she only applies it once a month, thanks to her improved scalp health. She writes, ‘I have been using it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner, and it has greatly helped to calm down my scalp psoriasis…I'm very thankful that I discovered this wonderful brand, thank you, Hanna!

Itchy scalp condition

Lastly, Bea (pictured above) had suffered from scalp problems for years, including thick crusting, itching and burning sensations. Understandably, she felt sceptical about our scalp oil after so many years of disappointing scalp products. Still, Bea expresses, ‘After one use combined with the shampoo, I am honestly amazed! The tightness/itching and thick crusting has gone! It’s the only thing that has given me relief…Even other products would seem like they had worked, then hours later, the burning, itchiness and dryness would return, but not this! I am so pleased, I can’t thank you enough!

I'm beyond delighted that our scalp oil has helped so many to find relief and completely change their scalp health! Browse our range and join Bea, Alayna, Jonathan, Mary and hundreds more that are thrilled at the transforming power of our products. 

The Power of Our Intensive Scalp Oil

Our intensive scalp oil is the most effective way to target irritation and stimulate healthier hair growth, making it the ultimate solution for all kinds of scalp troubles. Further, our special combination of hydrating oils makes it the best oil for a dry scalp, as it moisturises, soothes and protects your scalp and hair. This powerful oil only uses hypoallergenic, natural botanical extracts that are suitable for all hair and scalp types.

As evident by our customer testimonials, our oil works perfectly alongside our conditioner and shampoo - natural hair care products that are effective yet gentle on the scalp. Experience the transformation for yourself and join the countless customers who have unlocked the secret to healthier scalps and vibrant hair with our scalp oil


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