A Guide to Using Milk Thistle Tincture: Dosage, Usage, and Expected Results

Milk thistle has a long history of alleviating liver problems, fatigue and helping the body detoxify. That’s one reason why I decided to harness its benefits in a powerful tincture. I formulated this natural tincture to help the body heal from the inside and work alongside our natural processes. This article will explore how you can maximise the benefits of our milk thistle tincture, from dosage and frequency to expected results. Read on to learn how milk thistle can support your organs and help you achieve your wellness goals.

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How to Take Milk Thistle for the Best Results

Although there are plenty of supplement forms available, milk thistle is most effective as a tincture. It’s easier to swallow as a liquid, and the body can absorb it far more effectively in this state. Our milk thistle tincture uses only pure botanical extracts and a traditional extraction procedure into ethanol.

We extract the Silybum marianum (milk thistle) seeds into medical alcohol to guarantee the best quality, preserving the milk thistle’s beneficial plant compounds. Plus, our locally-sourced milk thistle is the finest in the UK, recognised globally for its purity and quality. We only use organic herbs in our tincture, ensuring that it’s pesticide-free and perfectly safe for consumption.

Our tincture is easy to ingest and simple to incorporate into your routine. You can take it at night or in the morning, but it’s best to do so on an empty stomach. This allows the body to quickly absorb the tincture into the bloodstream without it becoming diluted or mixed with food. You can take the drops directly, squeezing the dropper under the tongue for quicker absorption. If you find the taste too bitter or strong, not to worry! Simply add the milk thistle drops to some water, tea or juice to dilute the flavour.

For best results, complement your milk thistle intake with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Factors such as excessive alcohol, processed food, and smoking can counteract the tincture’s benefits and cause more problems for the body. On the other hand, you can support your internal organs even more by eating a healthy and varied diet alongside our milk thistle supplement.

How Much Milk Thistle Should I Take?

We recommend taking 30 drops of our tincture twice each day. For instance, you could take 30 drops in the morning before breakfast and 30 drops at night before bed. Since milk thistle is a natural botanical and herbal remedy, it’s safe to take for months at a time until you notice results. If you have a particularly sensitive constitution, are elderly or need to avoid alcohol, you can evaporate the ethanol from the tincture. You can do this by adding the drops to boiling water for ten minutes and consuming it as usual afterwards.

We don’t recommend this product for under 18s. However, younger children may take it if your healthcare practitioner has approved usage beyond our suggestions. Still, in these cases, we highly recommend evaporating the alcohol. Please ensure you consult your doctor if you have any uncertainties, serious underlying health issues, or contraindications.

Our milk thistle tincture is pure and is equal to the potency of the herb itself. While we take pride in offering this powerful supplement, it's important to remember that no natural product is a substitute for a normal, varied diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we encourage you to approach taking supplements as a complementary aspect of your wellness journey.

What Results Can I Expect?

Our tincture is a natural remedy extracted from the milk thistle herb, known for its antiviral, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant potential. Since it’s an all-natural solution free from additional preservatives or ingredients, it won’t cause any side effects such as drowsiness or weight gain.

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Some wonder if milk thistle is bad for the liver or kidneys, and the answer is a resounding no. In fact, it’s a well-known botanical remedy that helps both these organs heal and function properly. With its concentrated form, the tincture delivers the essential compounds found in milk thistle to support liver and kidney health and promote overall well-being.

Our high-stress and polluted environments put immense stress on our bodies, leading to accumulations of toxins, increased health conditions and extreme fatigue. However, our tincture can help you combat this by supporting your body’s natural cleansing and detoxification pathways. Milk thistle can help your kidneys, liver, digestive and lymphatic systems clear themselves and eliminate waste more effectively - leading to better wellness all around.

Additionally, when our bodies successfully remove toxins and harmful elements, it improves our immunity. Healing the gut and liver can also lessen problems throughout the body, including skin issues such as psoriasis. Still, this cleansing and healing process may take some time, depending on the individual.

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Many of our customers have experienced quick relief from tiredness, fatigue and gut problems after taking the tincture. This is because milk thistle can alleviate inflammation and help the body get rid of toxins, which can elevate energy levels. You may notice less IBS or digestive issues early on, as well as an energy boost. Our tincture may take longer to work for those with skin conditions, especially if you have been suffering from them for a long time. Healing from within may take months or longer, so it’s important to be consistent with the tincture and healthy lifestyle habits.

My milk thistle tincture is part of my holistic approach to healing the body and maintaining optimum health. The benefits of milk thistle extend beyond helping the liver - its wonderful properties can boost all our detoxification processes, strengthen our immune response and improve our energy. Incorporating this tincture into your daily routine can help you target specific health concerns while promoting a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.

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