Frequently Asked Questions about Hanna Sillitoe's Milk Thistle Tincture

I designed my milk thistle tincture to help individuals heal themselves from within, giving their bodies extra tools to recover from skin, digestive and liver-related issues. If you’ve been searching for a natural way to enhance your health from the inside, this article is for you. We’ll discuss common queries about our tincture, from how to take milk thistle to its effects on health conditions. Read on to learn about the benefits of this tincture and why so many customers order it repeatedly.

Milk thistle

What is Milk Thistle?

Some may have heard about milk thistle as a natural remedy but are unsure what it is. Essentially, milk thistle is a herb with distinctive purple flowers, and it’s been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Native to parts of Europe, this herb is a centuries-old liver and detoxification treatment. Milk thistle can benefit the liver and the whole body with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects - supporting organ function and protecting cells.

Which Ingredients do we Use?

Our milk thistle tincture only uses two simple ingredients - organic, locally-sourced milk thistle seeds and traditional medical alcohol (ethanol). We extract milk thistle’s active properties into the ethanol, with a ratio of 1:3. This traditional process preserves the beneficial, natural compounds for as long as possible.

How Long Does the Tincture Last?

Each bottle contains 100ml, which is enough tincture for a month of regular use. If you’re recovering from skin or liver conditions, we recommend taking 30 drops twice each day. Ideally, take the tincture once in the morning and once at night on an empty stomach, allowing for better and faster absorption. You can take the tincture as it is, dropping it directly on or under the tongue. However, if you find the taste too bitter or strong, not to worry! Simply dilute the drops with water, squash or juice. Additionally, we provide a subscription option at checkout, which means you can regularly receive your monthly supply of tincture on time.

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Is it Suitable for Everyone?

We advise children under 18 to avoid this tincture due to the alcohol content. However, in some cases, your doctor may approve usage beyond our recommendations. If so, you can easily remove the alcohol by boiling the drops in water for ten minutes before consumption. This will cause the alcohol to evaporate, leaving the milk thistle extract behind. Please bear in mind that
we cannot eliminate the alcohol from the tincture, as it’s part of the extraction procedure. Still, our tincture is generally suitable for all, including the elderly and those with more sensitive constitutions. They can simply evaporate the alcohol before taking the drops and enjoy the tincture as normal.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Milk Thistle Tincture?

The best way to consume milk thistle is through its tincture form. This is because the body can easily use and absorb the nutrients from a concentrated liquid extract. When selecting these kinds of herbal supplements, aim for those that use an ethanol extraction process such as ours. This guarantees the highest quality product, derived solely from plant-based ingredients. It’s best to avoid low-quality milk thistle products that may contain pesticides, chemicals, additives, or harmful preservatives.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Milk Thistle?

You can buy our milk thistle drops directly from our website. We believe your well-being deserves the finest and most natural options, so we only use high-quality botanicals. What’s more, our tincture is recognised by customers globally for its purity and health benefits. We also provide combined shipping options for those who want to buy the tincture in bulk.

Hanna Sillitoe Milk Thistle Drops product

Does Milk Thistle Cause Adverse Side Effects?

The answer is no, milk thistle extract and ethanol won’t cause negative side effects. Common misconceptions are that milk thistle can harm the liver or even cause weight gain. As we mentioned earlier, you can effortlessly evaporate the alcohol if this is a concern. Further, milk thistle has incredible benefits for the liver, as it can help it eliminate toxins, regenerate cells and protect it from damage. Additionally, our tincture doesn’t lead to weight gain and contains zero added sugars or artificial flavourings.

Please remember that everyone’s body is different, so if you’re worried about contraindications or side effects, consult your doctor. Also, keep in mind that supplements should complement a healthy lifestyle and diet, not substitute them. Lastly, avoid milk thistle if you have sensitivities or allergies around daisies, yarrow, ragweed, chamomile, marigolds or chrysanthemums.

Can Milk Thistle Help With Specific Health Conditions?

Milk thistle is a powerful herb that can help you with a variety of conditions. For instance, customers who regularly take this supplement have seen improvements in skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Though it may take time to cause a visible difference, milk thistle tincture can lessen inflammation from the inside, which affects skin health. That’s why many customers find that cleansing their liver and gut with our supplement leads to clearer skin and fewer flare-ups.

Milk thistle can also help with digestive and gastrointestinal disorders. For example, it can remove toxins and ease inflammation in the digestive tract. As a result, milk thistle can improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms. It also helps to increase bile synthesis, leading to smoother digestion and improved gallbladder function.

Unsurprisingly, milk thistle is a potent herbal remedy for liver ailments, including fatty liver diseases and cirrhosis. This is because milk thistle can contribute to better bile production, liver cell growth and toxin removal.

Clearly, milk thistle has a wealth of benefits for our health, which is why our tincture is increasingly popular. Feel free to read reviews from our satisfied customers and see how they’ve boosted their well-being with our milk thistle tincture. Additionally, you can browse our selection of natural products and supplements designed to help you heal without chemical nasties. If you have further questions or are seeking advice about a product, please get in touch with us via email at 

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