Creamy Wild Mushroom Spaghetti

I love a repurposed recipe for a number of reasons. Primarily, I have a habit of making huge meal portions and there's often only me to enjoy it! Whilst I can easily eat a decent sized bowl, it's really useful to have other recipe ideas for that week, so that I can use leftovers to make something equally delicious. 

This weeks winter comfort dish was Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup. It makes such a brilliantly quick and simple lunch. It's filling, full of vitamins and protein and so easy to reheat. 

If you fancy something a bit more substantial, this rich soup recipe also works really well as a pasta sauce. Having been inspired by my friend Sarah - who swears by her grandmas unique combination of heinz mushroom soup, penne pasta and ready salted crisps (probably best not to ask!) - this makes for a deliciously filling lunch or dinner. 

All I've done is cooked gluten free spaghetti, added a little extra tarragon to the pan whilst boiling the pasta, then drained and spooned in the warm cream of mushroom sauce / soup. Topped with fresh herbs, vegan parmesan and a sprinkling of pine nuts.  

You could even pan fry a few additional mushrooms or vegan bacon bits for a bit of variety. It basically changes a recipe for 4 into two delicious recipes for 2! 

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