Pea and Vegan Bacon Soup

Soups are such a quick and easy go-to option for winter. I find I never get bored of them, especially when they're as full of flavour as this one. 

I'll often make pea and mint soup because I have heaps of fresh mint growing in the garden, but today I fancied a more smokey flavour. 

I'm not usually a fan of fake meat products. For many years they tasted like cardboard and the ingredients were never the healthiest! Not only have the taste and texture improved, the ingredients are getting much better too. Always check the label to ensure they're suitable for your dietary requirements. 

I went for this brand of fake bacon which gets mixed reviews. I wouldn't eat it on its own, but in soup it adds a delicious smoky flavour. The ingredients are; Water, Soya Protein Concentrate (22%), Soya Protein Isolate (7%), Flavouring, Pea Protein Isolate (4%), Vegetable Extracts (Radish, Carrot, Paprika), Potato Starch, Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Maltodextrin, Iron, Vitamin B12 which aren't too bad. If you're particularly sensitive to nightshades, the paprika and potato starch might be an issue. 

For a bacon alternative you might prefer a smoked tofu like this one instead. 

INGREDIENTS (makes enough for 2)

2 tbsp olive oil

2 leeks washed and chopped

1 large white onion chopped

500g frozen petit pois 

4 rashers of vegan bacon

1 litre of vegan bouillon


Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the leeks and onion and soften over a gentle heat

Meanwhile fry the vegan bacon rashers as per the packet instructions. Set aside and allow to cool before chopping them into pieces

Pour the bouillon stock over the onion and leeks and add the frozen peas

Bring back to the boil and cook for a couple of minutes. Allow to cool

Blend the soup smooth in a food processor. Using a nutribullet style blender will create a really smooth, creamy finish

Return to the pan, add the cooked bacon bits and warm over a low heat until piping hot and ready to serve

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