'How I Transformed My Dry Skin' - A Customer Story

Our Intensive Night Balm is one of many skin care products that have changed our customers’ lives and helped them feel more confident about their skin. In this series of customer success stories, I show how our balm has helped those with dry skin to achieve the healthy complexion and soft skin they’ve always wanted. From calming irritation to restoring moisture and elasticity, our Intensive Night Balm is a game changer in the world of natural skincare. So, read on to hear firsthand reviews of the transformative power of our night balm.

Intensive Night Balm

Meet our "Intensive Night-time Balm" Customers

Over the years, our night balm has helped hundreds of customers change the texture of their skin, hydrate dry areas and see incredible changes in their eczema and psoriasis patches. Here I've included some of our top customer success stories so you can see why they keep returning to our intensive balm!

Introducing Stéphanie, who has suffered relentlessly with severe eczema on her fingers and hands since 2021. Product after product couldn’t stop the itchiness or the cracked, dehydrated skin. However, things turned around when she discovered our intensive balm early this year, which has soothed her itchiness and facial dryness. Stéphanie explains, ‘Nothing has worked so far until I started using this balm…(it’s) the best product on the market for dry, itchy, sore skin.’

Chloe, another satisfied customer, told us, ‘If I have a flare, this is the only thing that helps soothe and hydrate the skin and get it looking back to normal.’ Alongside helping her calm and moisturise dryness, our balm has even helped her baby with soreness around his mouth. Our intensive balm’s gentle, soothing ingredients have helped heal and protect both Chloe's and her baby boy’s skin.

 Customer's Hand with eczema

Julie, who also suffers from eczema, says the condition especially affects her hands, leaving them dry, red and roughened. After dealing with this for over two years, Julie eventually came across our intensive balm and couldn’t believe how quickly it helped her skin to heal and rejuvenate. In fact, it leads her to write, ‘this balm has been truly transformational…I will never stop buying this product.’

Carolina, another concerned mother, was beginning to despair over her child’s eczema wound. The small wound on the side of her daughter’s foot simply wouldn’t heal, despite using ointments, foot salts and creams. However, it dried up instantly on the first night of using our intensive balm. Carolina explains, ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes’ upon seeing the transformation. By the 4th night of using the balm, her daughter's dry eczema patch had almost completely healed, and her skin looked more moisturised and healthier.

I couldn’t be happier for Stéphanie, Chloe, Julie, Carolina and all our other customers who have seen the benefits of our natural balm!

How our Intensive Night Balm Works

Our balm for dry skin comprises natural ingredients and plant-based extracts and is completely free from strong chemical substances. This is why it’s so effective at soothing sensitivities and soreness while still giving the skin intense hydration. We use a mixture of deeply nourishing botanicals, such as ginger and bisabolol extract, to invigorate and soothe the skin, reducing redness and inflammation. Also, our luxurious blend of natural oils, such as camellia, sweet almond, and shea butter, provides a powerful boost of moisture - making it one of our best treatments for very dry skin. All these potent natural ingredients come together to hydrate and soften your skin overnight, allowing you to develop a balanced, supple complexion and improved skin health.

Where to Buy Our Intensive Night Balm

You can buy our balm on our website, alongside many more natural skincare solutions for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. In fact, many customers write that they always want a pot of this balm by their bedside! However, with our subscription feature, you can make sure you’re never without our intensive balm when you need it. This means you can regularly receive a pot of night balm without having to manually order it each time - simply select the subscription option at checkout.

I'm overjoyed that our natural solutions have brought satisfaction and comfort to so many of our customers, especially those struggling with dry skin. So, why not discover the power of our Intensive Night Balm for yourself and see how it can support your skin to replenish itself and regain moisture? I'm sure you’ll join hundreds of other happy customers who have transformed how they feel about their skin!

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