Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake

Freddie and I have spent a great deal of time over the past couple of weeks foraging for blackberries. The lane is filled with these delicious, ripe, juicy berries. Blackberries contain high levels of antioxidants and collagen that can help our skin to fight any negative impact of environmental pollution. Freds absolutely loves them and continually asks for 'moooore' each time he spots them in the hedgerow. 

I used to make my vegan cheesecake using a combination of coconut cream, cashews and oats and nuts for the base. I still love to make it that way, but this version is much simpler (although a little less healthy) I've used a combination of ginger biscuits and rolled oats for the base. If you have more time you could bake your own biscuits to avoid refined sugar. McVities Ginger Nuts aren't a bad option since they're free from soy, nuts, and milk, however they do contain sugar. Or Nairns which contain 40% less sugar.



150g biscuits (here is a great list of accidentally vegan biscuits

50g rolled oats

60g vegan butter 


300g vegan cream cheese spread

125ml vegan double cream

100g + 30g coconut sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence 

350g blackberries 



Begin by melting the butter over a low heat. Crush the biscuits using a rolling pin or pop them in the food processor to crush them. Stir the butter, crushed biscuits and rolled oats together. Then press firmly into the bottom of a cake ring. Since the cheesecake doesn't need baking, I put the cake ring straight onto a plate and pressed the biscuits onto it. Put into the fridge to cool

Using an electric whisk, blend the cream cheese, double cream, vanilla essence and 100g coconut sugar together until thick and smooth. Place in the fridge until the base is completely cooled

Spoon the topping onto the cheesecake base and smooth to even, then place in the fridge for at least 4 hours but preferably overnight

To make the blackberry topping, warm 200g of blackberries in a pan along with 30g of sugar (more if they're not too sweet) Allow to cool, then blend into a smooth, blackberry liquid. Add 4 tbsp chia seeds and stir well, these will help the blackberry liquid to turn to a jelly. Once the creamy cheesecake topping has set, you can pour the blackberry jelly onto it and return to the fridge

I've decorated with 150g fresh blackberries and red currants from the garden

This cheesecake needs to be stored in the fridge. The creamy layer will begin to melt soon after it's removed, so don't take it out until you're ready to serve! 



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