Vegan Fluffy Oat and Banana Pancake Recipe

Coming from a Dutch family, pancakes definitely featured a lot in our childhood. My mum wouldn't just serve up one or two .. she'd fry and flip for a good hour, stacking those delicious, fluffy delicacies sky high! 

Making vegan pancakes is super easy. These can be made gluten free too if you choose gluten free oats. I love to add self raising flour and baking powder to give the pancakes extra fluffiness. 

Happy Pancake Day! 


100g Oats

100g Self Raising Flour (I used gluten free)

300ml Oat Milk (or other plant based milk)

1 x Banana

1tsp Baking Powder

2tbsp Coconut Oil (for frying) 

vegan oat banana pancakes


  • Add the oats to a food processor and grind into a powder
  • Add the flour, milk, banana and baking powder and blend to a smooth, thick batter
  • Spoon the coconut oil into a pan and warm over a medium heat. Once melted carefully pour a blob of batter into the centre of the pan
  • Fry for a minute or so, flip and repeat
  • Stack the pancakes high and serve with coconut sugar and lime, maple syrup, fruit and vegan spray cream, grated vegan cheese - or whichever other combination you like best! 
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